Homogeous Sheet Vinyl flooring

Homogenous Vinyl flooring

Floorkraft presents its new Homogeous Sheet Vinyl flooring which is produced with the latest technology and it’s unique Allura Color easy to install tiles. Due to its incredibly durable and stain resistant surface, the Homogenous Vinyl Sheet floors are ideal for heavy traffic areas. Homogenous sheet vinyl flooring is a newer and unique product of FloorKraft. Engineered using shivering PVC coiled material, our homogenous sheet vinyl floors have one single layer and composition throughout the sheet. It is incredibly durable, low maintenance and stain resistant which makes it a great flooring choice for commercial areas, such as hospital, school, shopping mall, bank, and medical areas.

Grizzly Tiles and Flooring

Manufactured using 100% recycled PET polyester made from post-consumer plastic drinking bottles, FloorKraft Grizzly Tiles and flooring are non-woven needle punch floor covering and specialty flooring products. Its superior natural touch PET fiber and patented Duralock fused-fiber technology deliver unmatched performance and durability in these heavy duty self-stick carpet tiles.

The Grizzly Tile,  Carpet and Grass from FloorKraft resist deterioration caused by mold, mildew, and odor. The products are durable, will not unravel, built for stretch-in installation, and you can cut them to fit any area.

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