Floorkraft is the exclusive partner of Wayflor in Nigeria. Wayflor woven vinyl floors it offer many advantage over regular carpet like Fire-retardant, Anti-bacteria, water-proof and damp proof, extremely durable, resistance to stain etc. Wayflor woven vinyl have proven to be the flooring product of choice with high level of durability and elegant for institutions like market, school, hospital, airport, churches, mosque, hotel, shopping mall, cinema hall etc.


Made up of woven vinyl yarns compacted together on a jacquard loom, the wayflor vinyl flooring is adapted for the most demanding environment in terms of practicability, efficiency and durability. Ideal for demanding public areas where first impression matters, Floorkraft, in partnership with Wayflor woven vinyl flooring delivers a product that can withstand heavy foot traffic.
Classification: 33 – Heavy commercial traffic
Uses: Hotels – Offices – Retail – Restaurants
Technique: Woven Vinyl Flooring
Construction: 94% PVC, 5% Polyester and 1% Fibreglass
Roll Width: 2mtr
Weight: 2.95 – 3.15kg/sq. m.
Tile Thickness: 3.00mm – 3.25mm
Weight: 3.75 – 3.95kg/sq. m.
Fire Classification: Bfl-s1
Soundproofing: 14dB

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