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SPC FLOORS – A Tale of Innovation

Borne from the need for the perfect flooring — one that’s strong and durable, yet beautifully designed, the result of a floor covering that reflects the incomparable beauty of nature, while offering durability to stand the test of time, emerged.

Stone Polymer Composite (SPC) is stronger than laminate wood floors. Instead of using wood as the core, stone with silica are used resulting in a flooring material that is made to be waterproof. SPC has 20 (yes, TWENTY) times as impact resistant than wood laminate floor. Stone Polymer Composite flooring a.k.a. SPC Floors are also fire resistant.

It’s waterproof and incredibly durable. It has the revolutionary Unllin click lock flooring installation system which allows for flexible and easy installation over concrete, tile and other flooring. Typically the installation is about 40% faster than glue down floors which means big savings on installation. It contains NO formaldehyde. While SPC has a vinyl surface it is tremendously more durable and stronger than other vinyl flooring products. With the appearance of hardwood flooring, the waterproof properties of LVP / LVT combined with the unprecedented strength of a stone composite core SPC flooring is disrupting the flooring industry and bringing a new, cost effective option to homeowners, builders and remodelers.

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